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Accessoires analyseur de puisance Qualistar

Analizzatori Qualità Potenza - Energia

Domanda n.1 (ask on 27/05/2019) : I need the user's manual of my CA8436 device in other languages ​​than those proposed on the website. Is it possible to have them?

Obsolete Products

Domanda n.1 (ask on 15/05/2019) : I have an MTX3240 function generator. Is there a replacement instrument?

data risposta 16/05/2019 :

Currently, you can substitute your instrument with the 5MHz GX305 function generator. You can verify its features and technical caracteristics on the following page:


Domanda n.2 (ask on 09/05/2019) : How to know the product replacing my device from the range Physical & Environmental Measurements ?

data risposta 10/05/2019 :

In order to choose the right product according to the one you want to replace, please refer to the table below :

Tutti i prodotti

Domanda n.1 (ask on 25/03/2019) : Hello, I would like to know if my Metrix device is remotely programmable. If so, can I have the remote programming manual?

data risposta 27/03/2019 :

You will find on the file available on the link below the devices that can be programmed by SCPI (or IEEE 488.2) commands, as well as their associated Remote Programming Manuals:



Analizzatori di potenza, energia, perturbazioni

Domanda n.1 (ask on 18/01/2019) : I am looking for the users manual of my CA8332 Power Quality Analyzer.

data risposta 18/01/2019 :

Download the latest edition of the Qualistar C.A 8332B or C.A 8334B manual:


Domanda n.2 (ask on 15/10/2018) : What is the current replacement model for the CA8435 Power Analyzer?

data risposta 15/10/2018 :

The CA8435 has been replaced by the Qualistar + CA8436, below an overview of its caracteristics and features:

  • Designed to cover all 600 V CAT IV and 1000 V CAT III applications according to IEC 61010, 
  • With 5 voltage and 4 current inputs, 
  • Robust and waterproof for indoor and outdoor use, 
  • Allows continuous and simultaneous recording of all parameters, 
  • Monitoring mode with alarms.

Domanda n.3 (ask on 29/06/2018) : What is the firmware version compatible with the Qualistar CA8335 & CA8435?

data risposta 29/06/2018 :

The latest firmware version compatible with the Qualistar CA8335 & CA8435 is v4.3, which you can download and install from the following link:


Domanda n.1 (ask on 16/01/2019) : I need to update my FTV100 Photovoltaic installations Controller. What is the latest compatible version? Can I find it on the web?

data risposta 17/01/2019 :

The latest firmware version of the FTV100 tester is v3.0. You can download it on the link below:


Domanda n.2 (ask on 16/01/2019) : I lost the manual instructions for my photovoltaic installations tester. Where can I download it?

data risposta 16/01/2019 :

The PV tester user manual is available on the link below:


Domanda n.3 (ask on 16/01/2019) : I changed my PC, after that I lost the GreenReport software for my FTV100 tester. Could you transfer me an executable so I can install it?

data risposta 16/01/2019 :

The GreenReport software is available on the link below, you can download and install it on your computer. The v4.6.1 version is compatible with operating systems: Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10.

Download link: http://www.chauvin-arnoux.com/sites/default/files/download/pc_software_greenreport_v_4_6_1_fmp_1.zip

Domanda n.4 (ask on 16/01/2019) : I lost the operating instructions of the FTV200 tester. Can you send it to me?

data risposta 16/01/2019 :

The operating instructions for the FTV200 Photovoltaic Tester is available on the link below:


Domanda n.5 (ask on 16/01/2019) : I want to update the firmware on my FTV200 Photovoltaic Tester. What is the latest version? Are there any conditions to respect before installing it?

data risposta 16/01/2019 :

The latest version of the FTV200 firmware is v2.0.3, in order to install it on your instrument, first make sure that you have a v2.0.2 firmware version previously installed on the tester, if it is not, update in two steps, first v2.0.2, the v2.0.3. Both versions are available on the links below:

v2.0.2: http://www.chauvin-arnoux.com/sites/default/files/download/software_ftv200_v2.0.2_en_0.zip

v2.0.3: http://www.chauvin-arnoux.com/sites/default/files/download/ftv200.v.2.0.3_en_0.zip

Domanda n.1 (ask on 16/01/2019) : I have a PX110 Wattmeter that still works well. However, I have lost the user manual, and I need it to check the electrical characteristics of the instrument. Could you help me on this?

data risposta 16/01/2019 :

The user manual for the two PX 110 and PX 120 wattmeters is available in 5 languages ​​(French, English, German, Italian and Spanish), you can download it on the link below:


Misurazioni fisiche e ambientali

Domanda n.1 (ask on 17/12/2018) : For my measurements with the CA1510, I need the air containment indicator, the Data Logger Transfer software does not allow an automatic calculation of this indicator. Do you propose another software compatible with the CA1510?

data risposta 17/12/2018 :

There's the AQR software (Air Quality Report) for the calculation of air containment. It is compatible with the instrument CA1510, and it allows the recorded data acquisition, and among other features the calculation of the indicator of air containment. The AQR software is available on the link below:

Download link: http://www.chauvin-arnoux.com/sites/default/files/download/setup_1.zip

Operating Systems: Windows XP - 7 -8 - 8.1 - 10

Note: Unlike Data Logger Transfer, AQR software can not handle voluminous files. In this case, we advise you to use DL to retrieve your measurements data.


Domanda n.1 (ask on 15/10/2018) : I have a problem with the battery of my PEL, is it possible to change it?

data risposta 15/10/2018 :

Yes, in this case, I advise you to contact the closest Chauvin Arnoux agency, in order to buy the spare battery, then you can follow the steps described on the video of the procedure of change of the battery that can be downloaded from the link below:  


However, if you still have a warranty on your instrument, you will lose all the rights to warrantees if you do so by yourself. In this context, you can refer to one of our Manumesure technical centers, an entity belonging to the Chauvin Arnoux group, which is responsible for all the checks, calibrations and repairs of the Chauvin Arnoux Group's appliances and other brands.

Oscilloscopi digitali da tavolo

Domanda n.1 (ask on 18/05/2018) : How can I get the curves obtained from my DOX3304 oscilloscope?

data risposta 23/05/2018 :

EASYWAVE software is designed in order to allow you to:

- retrieve the curves from the oscilloscope mode

- edit the waveforms using drawing tools

- transfer or import toward the ARBitary function (4 memory locations)

- consult from the library of files (sine, square, ramp, pulse, noise, exponential...) 

The EasyWave software can be downloaded from the link below:


Domanda n.2 (ask on 23/02/2017) : Once I have zoomed on my signal, I no longer have access to the cursors. What can I do about this?

data risposta 23/02/2017 :

The cursors must be activated before activating the zoom and they will then be available to perform precise vertical and/or horizontal measurements.

Domanda n.1 (ask on 05/01/2018) : I get an error message when I try to access my Scopix IV via Ethernet when I'm in Internet Explorer. How can I solve this problem?

data risposta 05/01/2018 :

When accessing the Scopix IV via an Ethernet link, you have to enter the IP addresss of the instrument in your Internet browser.

DIf you are using Internet Explorer (including the latest version), an error may occur when interpreting scopenet.jnlp. This is due to the MIME detection present in the browser which causes a conflict with ScopeNet.
To solve this problem, do as follows:
-> Go to Internet Options in the browser
-> Click on the second tab, "Safety"
-> Click on "Customize level..."
-> Click on "Deactivate" in the "Activate MIME detection" field
-> Confirm and then update the browser: the problem has now been solved.