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Trend Duration Calculator

Sous-titre : Trend Duration Calculator for Qualistar+ & C.A 8230 Available in French and English, this tool can be used to simulate the possible recording duration of the QualistarPlus models. Select the instrument and the parameters which you wish to record, along with the acquisition interval. The possible recording duration, based on the assumption that the memory is empty, and the end date are calculated and displayed automatically.

Description :
Trend Duration Calculator V1  

This concerns the following instruments:

  • C.A 8336
  • C.A 8436
  • C.A 8333
  • C.A 8331
  • C.A 8335 
  • C.A 8435 

==> From firmware version v4.x

  • C.A 8230

Information on the instruments' other storage capabilities (alarms, snapshots, etc.) is also displayed.
Download Microsoft .NET Framework 4, which you need to run the Trend Duration Calculator. 1.53 MB
Date de mise à jour : 13/01/2014 Langue : Multilingue Version : V1.0