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PAT-Power Analyser Transfer

 The PAT Power Analyser Transfer software can be used to control the single-phase wattmeters and energy analysers, as well as the multimeter clamps.

The PAT software is a tool for:

  • Configuring the instruments,
  • Downloading and viewing the data stored in the memory,
  • Performing instantaneous acquisition operations,
  • Displaying the data as a table or graph,
  • Exporting the measurement data into DataView (*.dvb files) or into a spreadsheet.  

For CA 8220/8230 CA 8332/32B/34/34B, CA8335/8435 (firmware versions v3.x) and F407 F607 use PAT, the main changes on PAT are :

    • bugs fixed.

For CA 8331/33/36, CA 8436 et CA8335 (firmware version v4.x) use PAT2, the main changes on PAT2 are :

      • added new language bulgarian
      • bugs fixed.

Caution: DataView is not supplied with the PAT/PAT2 softwares Updated : Nov 2019 Language : Multilingual Version : v3.08.0018 Updated : Feb 2020 Language : Multilingual Version : v1.07.13010