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  • 1905

    Invention of the magneto ohmmeter. In 1923, the measurement was made independent of the speed of rotation of the magneto

  • 1927

    Invention and patenting of the universal tester, the ancestor of the multimeter

  • 1934

    Invention of the transformer clamp, the first current clamp

  • 1936

    Invention of the first Exposemetre for photographers, which would evolve into the exposure meter

  • 1947

    Remote temperature measurement with the Pyroptique disappearing-filament optical thermometer

  • 1952

    The Cellaphot, an ultra-lightweight exposure meter, was built into cameras

  • 1960

    Invention of the Monoc universal tester, with a single switch and dial. The standard for several generations of electricians

  • 1968

    Introduction of the STATOP temperature controller, the standard for several generations of heat engineers

  • 1982

    CONPA Series
    Multimeters accepting multiple adapters for luxmetern sound-level meter and thermo-anemometers functions, etc.

  • 1985

    Design and marketing of the TERCA ground tester

  • 1989

    PROWATT-3 programmable power analyser. Already in a site-proof box and equipped with a wide range of accessories (clamps, leads, online printer, etc.)

  • 1994

    The C.A 6411 & C.A 6413 earth clamps inaugurate a new concept: instantaneous testing of interconnected earth loops

  • 2001

    Introduction of the QUALISTAR® family of three-phase electrical network analysers

  • 2004

    Launch of the SCOPIX family of portable METRIX oscilloscopes with isolated channels

  • 2009

    New C.A 6116 electrical installation testers

  • 2012

    Innovation with TrueInrush to measure all Inrush currents.Marketing of the PEL 100 power loggers and the smallest field oscilloscope, the Handscope

  • 2013

    “Electron d’Or” awarded to the PEL 100 loggers.“Electron de bronze” awarded to the Digiflex® sensors