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News from Chauvin Arnoux Metrix

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25 March 2024

New 2024 catalogues

Need a measuring instrument? We’re sure to have what you’re looking for: testers, Voltage Absence Testers, multimeters, oscilloscopes, power loggers, etc. Check out our 2024 catalogues.
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05 March 2024

Simple instruments to help you understand electrochemistry!

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20 February 2024

Communicating machine testers

Surveillez à distance vos mesures, restez en sécurité, grâce à l'affichage distant des contrôleurs machines CA 6161 & CA 6163.
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23 January 2024

New functionality for the CA 8345 QualiStar power quality analyser !

Nouvelle fonctionnalité de l’analyseur STAR des réseaux électriques CA 8345 QualiStar ! La Star de la sécurité de vos réseaux !
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30 November 2023

Oscilloscopes with isolated channels

Chauvin Arnoux's oscilloscopes with isolated channels are equipped with a patented digital technology.
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03 November 2023

New features for the QualiSTAR 2!

Optimized touch HMI, extended range for harmonics measurements and communication by the power quality analyser using a smartphone are just some of the new technological features integrated into the new version of our CA 8345 model.

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