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News France

22 Nov 2019

ASYC IV, to monitor and view your remote measurement campaigns with the ANDROID application

04 Oct 2018

A successful sponsoring initiative! The Swiss electrician-installer Daniel Gerber earned the highest score among more than 500 participants and won the title "Best in Europe". The instruments that he used included a C.A 6117 installation tester.

18 Jul 2018

A NEW STAND entirely designed to meet your needs, giving priority to aesthetics, interactivity and a friendly welcome. We look forward to seeing you at our upcoming trade fairs!

19 Jun 2018

The new all-terrain power and power quality analyser from Chauvin Arnoux, offers a rugged, watertight design with an IP67 protection rating. The Qualistar+ analysers comply with the IEC 1000-4-30 standard and be used to produce measurement reports in compliance with the EN 50160 standard.

16 Apr 2018

The indispensable thermal camera

27 Mar 2018

An anniversary based around the themes of innovation, digital applications and international business. 125 years of innovation, from the first Universal Tester, ancestor of the multimeter, in 1927, to the very latest Scopix IV oscilloscopes launched at the end of last year. 125 years of design in our 6 R&D centres. .

05 Feb 2018

Small & compact for AC current measurement