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Oscilloscopes with isolated channels

Chauvin Arnoux's oscilloscopes with isolated channels are equipped with a patented digital technology.

This digital isolation system means that the instruments can be used on the same input terminals and acquisition lines for the oscilloscope and multimeter modes. In this way, users can switch from one instrument to the other without changing the measurement connections.  Equipped with 2 or 4 channels which are isolated between one another, but also in relation the earth (600 V CAT III). We propose two oscilloscope ranges:

The Handscope models: 2 isolated channels with 20 and 40 MHz bandwidth

The Scopix models: 2 or 4 channels with 60 to 300 MHz bandwidth.

These instruments can be used for measurements in total safety on systems where the circuits are sometimes at different potentials. When used with their Probix accessories, these oscilloscopes, offer guaranteed active safety: users are informed about the instrument's limits: insulationà leurs accessoires Probix, offrent une sécurité active garantie : l’utilisateur est renseigné sur les limites de l’appareil: insulation voltage, maximum rated voltage.

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