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New features for the QualiSTAR 2!

The new version of our nouvelle version des QualiSTAR2 CA 8345 power quality analysers include the latest technological developments. The harmonics measurement range is extended to 127, which means that our star industrial analyzers now comply with the requirements in the UK (BS G5- 5) and the USA (IEEE 519).  An automatic pre-trigger Inrush function can be used to capture the display before the measurement so that you can view the event right from its start.

For security purposes,  a password is now required to use the instrument, thus guaranteeing data confidentiality. Its interface has been optimized, as a virtual touch keypad is now provided to help you name your folders.

For remote use, our portable instruments continue to expand their communication capabilities;  the Wifi WAP (Wifi Acces Point) function offers a second connection mode and allows you to create a specific local network. The possibility of communicating with the CA 8345 analyser from a PC, tablet or even a smartphone to monitor your data at any time of day or night is a major advantage.