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Firmware for C.A 6116N and C.A 6117

The C.A 6116N and C.A 6117 are ALL-IN-ONE tools for testing electrical installations according to the national and international standards (IEC 60364-6, NF C 15-100, VDE 100, XP C 16-600, etc). They combine design, ergonomics, simplicity, performance, rapidity and accuracy. Suitable for all types of neutral systems (TT, TN, IT), it is ideal for use in all sectors: industry, tertiary and housing.

Loader for C.A 6116N and C.A 6117

Download the latest version of the firmware for the C.A 6116N and C.A 6117 and take advantages of the very latest improvements.

This self-extracting archive contains 6 files. It can be used to install version 2.00.05.

Pack1 installs the languages : DE-GB-ES-FR-IT
(Deutsch, English, Español, Français, Italiano).

Pack3 installs the languages : DU-GB-DE-FR-IT
(Dutch, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano).

Pack4 installs the languages : GB-SV-Fi-GB-GB
(English, Svenska, Suomi, English, English).

CAUTION: If you use the ICT or DataView software for PC with your device, please also upgrade that software too.
These software products are available for download from our Support site in the "Free software" section.

ca_611x-_reading_before_install.pdf Updated : 22/10/2015 Language : Multilingual Edition 5 - 2015
install-loader_for_c.a6117_v3.00.0_2.00.05_pack1.exe Updated : 24/10/2017 Language : Pack 1 Loader version : v6.4 Firmware version : v2.00.05
install-loader_for_c.a6117_v3.00.0_2.00.05_pack3.exe Updated : 24/10/2017 Language : Pack 3 Loader version : v6.4 Firmware version : v2.00.05
install-loader_for_c.a6117_v3.00.0_2.00.05_pack4.exe Updated : 24/10/2017 Language : Pack 4 Loader version : v6.4 Firmware version : v2.00.05

ICT software

The ICT (Installations Tester Transfer) software can be used to control the C.A 6116, C.A 6116N & C.A 6117 electrical installation testers.

ICT is a tool for:

  • Preparing measurement campaigns,
  • Downloading and viewing the data stored in the memory,
  • Preparing the installation test reports,
  • Exporting the data into DataView to produce reports or into an Excel spreadsheet.

    Caution: DataView is not delivered with this version of ICT

ICT v1.07.0011

Main improvements:
Software upgrade / optimization

Multilingual version: English, German (Germany, Austria, Switzerland), French (France, Switzerland), Spanish, Italian (Italy, Switzerland), Dutch, Czech, Finnish and Swedish.

Compatible with Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10


ict.zip Updated : 25/10/2017 Language : Multilingual Version : V1.07.0011

PC Software : DataView Suite

DataView is a powerful tool for configuration, transfer and processing of measurement data for an extensive range of Chauvin Arnoux measuring instruments. The DataView Suite groups the DataView report editor and the PEL Transfer, PAT, GTT, ICT, DTR, SLII and MOT application software.

DataView v3.51.0003

Compatible instruments:

  • PEL 102, PEL 103 and PEL 105 power and energy loggers;
  • F407 and F607 power and harmonics clamps;
  • C.A 8220 and 8230 single-phase power analysers;
  • Qualistar C.A 8331,8332, 8333,8334, 8335 and 8336 three-phase power analysers;
  • C.A 6543, 6547, 6549, 6550 and 6555 megohmmeters;
  • C.A 6240, 6250 and 6292 micro-ohmmeters;
  • C.A 6470N, 6471 and 6472 earth testers;
  • DTR 8510 ratiometer for transformers;
  • Simple Logger II and L452;
  • C.A 1110, 1227, 1246, 1821, 1822 and 1823 physical measurement devices;
  • C.A 6116, 6116N and 6117 electrical installation testers.


DataView is available in the following languages: German, English, Chinese, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Swedish, Czech and Turkish.

dataview.zip Updated : 13/04/2017 Language : Multilingual Version : V3.51.0003