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Software SX-DMM V3.3

Designed for the main  Metrix multimeters, SX-DMM can be used to :
  • acquire, record and process the measurements from up to four multimeters ;
  • XY, derivative, integral and curve smoothing functions ;
  • display in curve and table form.

Latest version of SX-DMM, compatible with the MX5060, MTX 3281/3282/3283, MTX 3291/3292/3293/3292B/3293B and MX58/59HD multimeters.


Your multimeters:

MX5060 with USB,
CA 5292 and CA 5293
with optical link or Bluetooth
MTX3281, MTX3282, MTX3283, MTX3291, MTX3292, MTX3293 with optical link or Bluetooth
MX26 with optical link,
MX58HD, MD59HD, MX53C, MX54C and MX56C and the RS232 kit,
MX556, MTX3250 with RS232 link,
CA 922, CA942, OX5022, OX5042 (multimeter mode) with USB/Optical link.


Windows 7/8/10.
PC with 1 GHz processor or higher, 512 MB RAM, 10 GB HD equipped with a serial or USB port.


Version in 5 languages: English, German, Spanish, French and Italian. Update : 24/09/2021 Language : Multilingue Version : V3.3