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A Chauvin Arnoux thermal camera in the hands of the French Minister for Education

DiaCAm, the thermal camera made in France

It was during a visit in January to the Lycée Déodat in Toulouse that French Education Minister Mrs. Najat Vallaud-Belkacem discovered Chauvin Arnoux's DiaCAm thermal camera technology. One of the purposes of this visit to the region was to highlight the involvement of the Toulouse Education Authority in developing a close partnership between education and business in the scientific subjects. The Minister therefore had no hesitation in taking the example of the BTS electrical engineering course, using the Chauvin Arnoux infrared camera to measure the hotspots in an electrical cabinet (see photo) under the fascinated gaze of the young 1st and 2nd-year BTS students.

This also provided an opportunity to spotlight the quality of the measuring instruments designed and developed by the French company Chauvin Arnoux, which this year celebrates 134 years of innovation in the world of measurement.

Proud of its long-established partnership with high schools, Chauvin Arnoux supplies measuring instrumentation to a large number of French and international training centres, scientific courses and teacher training schemes to help future generations learn how to use electrical and electrotechnical instruments. Chauvin Arnoux has also set up a "measurement club" (Club du Mesurage) bringing together school inspectors and company representatives. In addition, it publishes an annual magazine, Les Cahiers de l'Instrumentation (in French), containing practical exercises for use by teachers and has organized a Chauvin Arnoux Measurement Certification reference programme for students in higher vocational training courses (BAC PRO and BTS).