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News from Chauvin Arnoux Metrix

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12 January 2022

HEALLPVC extension for XR41, XR42 & XR43 electrodes

Spotlight on electrochemistry: Why use an extension for your electrodes and how does it work?
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20 December 2021

Test probes suitable for the new modular systems

Insulated test probes for safe measurements in 1000 V CAT IV environments.
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09 November 2021

New CA 1550 logger micromanometer

For pressure-free measurements, choose the CA 1550 logger micromanometer.
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05 November 2021

New accessories for insulation measurement

Measure insulation without worrying with these new accessories. The leads with HV crocodile clips have an optimized shape allowing perfect contact when connecting to objects with different geometrical forms.
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15 July 2021

The Concours Général des Métiers & Chauvin Arnoux, a great ongoing story…

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21 June 2021

Practical, the CA 10002 pH-meter

Le pH & l'agro-alimentaire