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News from Chauvin Arnoux Metrix

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01 December 2022

New GX 1030 arbitrary function generator

Create and generate stable signals of any type with the GX 1030 generator
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24 November 2022

All your measurements at your fingertips, remotely and in real time

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24 October 2022

Qualistar CA 8345, a product which protects and works for the environment

PEP ECO PASSPORT® label for the Qualistar Class A CA 8345
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19 September 2022

New! The CA 1730 laser distance meter

The CA 1730, a simple, economical laser distance meter for all your distance measurements up to 60 m, as well as area and volume measurements.
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28 July 2022

Enjoy your holidays!

Our company will be closed from 1st to 22nd August 2022. During that period, no shipments will be made in the context of online sales.
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30 May 2022

2022 Chauvin Arnoux Test & Measurement Catalogue

Chauvin Arnoux Test & Measurement Catalogue: check out our offering.

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