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Heat treatment

Quality and expertise for your temperature processes

traitement thermique CA PyrocontroleThermal treatment is used in industries such as foundries, iron and steel works and metallurgy for applications in the automotive and aerospace sectors, research, energy, cutlery, etc. Thermal treatment is also used in the glass and ceramics industries.

CA PYROCONTROLE designs and offers solutions to meat the specific requirements linked to thermal and heat treatment. It measurement expertise helps to reduce maintenance costs and cut energy spending :


Download the Heat Treatment brochure (2,2 Mo)


Industrial furnaces, baths, ovens, blast furnaces, heating by induction, the CA Pyrocontrole offer is suitable with the all heat treatment applications. From standard product to a more specific product, our expert service is at your disposal.


To perform thermal treatment,you need:

  • To work on 3 ASPECTS: The temperature | The time | The environment
  • Control 3 PHASES: Temperature rise | Maintenance of the temperature | Cooling

CA Pyrocontrole, your partner for process measurement and control, designs and offers a wide range of reliable, rugged temperature sensors equipped with specific protection as required by each application. Metal, ceramic and composite protective sheaths.

Which application for the temperature measurement?

TCG6 PYROCONTROLE bendable flexible sheathed thermocouple

• TCG6 Bendable flexible sheathed thermocouple

Temperature measurement for furnaces, baths and oven. Bendable and flexible, the sheathed thermocouple if perfect to these applications.

 CADID CA PYROCONTROLE Bent-profile sensor

• CADID Bent-profile sensors

Bent-profile sensor or demountable sensor with elbowed profile, they are used for hight temperature measurement of blast furnaces.


 • AMS 2750 sensors

Used in heating processes for the manufacture of metal parts for engines or aircraft fuselages. Subject to temperature constraints, the measuring element of these sensors is protected by a sheath whose material is adapted to the environment.

Download the Heat treatment brochure


To ensure accurate temperature measurement and guarantee the treatment times, CA PYROCONTROLE proposes a wide range of STATOP single or bi-loop temperature controllers which are easy to integrate in your equipment.

Capable of simple or complex temperature control with several independent or cascaded heating zones, STATOP temperature controllers guarantee highquality treatment of the load with the required control accuracy.
The maximum (safety) temperature must be monitored by a different system in the controller to ensure that the installation and the people around it remain safe.

Régulateurs température PYROCONTROLE STATOP 600

• STATOP série 600 temperature controllers

Single-loop or bi-loop PID | Simple and intuitive use and configuration | Self-adjusting (PID) or self-adapting | Programmer for up to 16 programs / 128 segments | μUSB socket for sortware configuration | Possible protection of the menus and parameters

Download the Heat treatment brochure


CA PYROCONTROLE proposes a complete range of THYRITOP thyristor power units for controlling and measuring the electric power transmitted to your 16 A - 2900 A furnaces.CA PYROCONTROLE THYRITOP power controllers
Power control (P = UxI = U2/R = RxI2) helps you to improve the accuracy of your master temperature control by integrating a power slave loop (cascade control. Power control may offer a control accuracy of less than 1%,depending on the settings used. The THYRITOP models adapt to all types of electrical loads and can be used to manage the limitations due to the load, such as current and/or power limitation, making it possible to monitor the integrity of the load..

Régulateurs puissance PYROCONTROLE THYRITP 600

• THYRITOP 600 power controllers

Single-phase / three-phase with 2 or 3-phase control | Load current from 40 A to 600 A | Network voltage from 24 Vac to 690 Vac | Power control (UxI, U², I², U, I) | Field bus | Modbus RS485 communication

Download the Heat treatment brochure


To provide customers with proof that the thermal treatment has taken place correctly, the main parameters monitored (temperature, pressure, gas flow rate, etc.) must be recorded by a data acquisition system.

In addition, to guarantee the quality of the treated product, these data must be encrypted to ensure that they cannot be modified subsequently. CA PYROCONTROLE has developed the PYROTRACER CA 6500 range of industrial data recorders..


• PYROTRACER série 6500 recorders AMS 2750 (en cours)

Range of paperless recorder with touch video | 3 to 72 channels | 100 ms minimum acquisition | Reinforced security function.


 • The specific case of aviation

Check the temperature homogeneity of the furnaces (TUS : Temperature Uniformity Survey) | Data recorded, kept and presented to investigators if there is an inspection requested by AMS 2750 (SAT : System Accuracy Test)

Download the Heat treatment brochure


Recalibrate your instruments with high accuracy
COFRAC-accredited calibration, calibration with provision of a report, our specialists can advise you according to your needs and constraints.

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   Our calibration services


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