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PC Software : CAmReport

Sous-titre : Software for thermogram analysis and automatic report creation.

Description :
The CAmReport software is equipped with a very simple user interface for:
> Analysis of the thermograms with the following tools:
- Cursors (automatic display of the temperature at the point selected).
- Thermal profile (automatic display of the Min/Max/Avg temperatures on the line).
- A square or circle for area analysis
- Polygons and polylines for more accurate analysis of certain areas in the thermogram.

Results tables quickly and automatically display all the information/analysis tools on the thermogram.

> Recovery of voice comments or related measurements 
> Automatic merging of the thermal and real images recorded simultaneously
> Automatic creation of reports for export in .pdf or .docx format.

Rapport CAmReport

Configuration required:

Windows 10/ Windows 11 :
850 MB RAM for 32-bit
2 G for 64-bit
NET Framework 4.0 minimum

System: Windows 10 and Windows 11

Language: Multilingual (15 languages including French, English, German, Spanish, Italian , Dutch, Polish, Romanian, Czech, simplified Chinese, Portuguese, Swedish, Finnish, Turkish, Korean)

Version: v2.2.5 compatible with camera model C.A 1950 & CA1954.

CAmReport crashing after the Windows update


A cumulative update was rolled out on December 13th 2022. This update is responsible for systematically crashing CAmReport during report previews.

This issue was addressed in out-of-band updates released January 31, 2023

Link to Microsoft's procedure and access to corrective updates:

install_camreport_v2.2.5.exe 22.15 MB
Last Updated : 13/04/2018 Languages : Multilingual (15 languages) Version : v2.2.5