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Test & Measurment presentation

Earth / Ground measurement guide

An extract from the list of our traders

C.A 7028 Wire Mapper Pro Lan Tester

DiaCAm2, the thermal camera from Chauvin Arnoux

Record battery life for this camera 100% designed and manufactured in France

thermal camera

The brand new thermal camera designed and developed by Chauvin Arnoux, the DiaCAm2 C.A 1950, is particularly simple to use. It is ergonomically designed to provide a comfortable grip with direct access to the functions with just one hand. It offers an exceptional battery life of 13 hours and starts up in just 3 seconds so you don't waste any time.


Relays catalogue

Chauvin Arnoux UK Ltd Office<br>(United Kingdom - Ireland)

Chauvin Arnoux Ibérica S.A.<br>(Spain - Portugal - Cuba)

2016 Test & Measurement catalogue