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Thermal camera C.A 1954

Concentrated advantages!

Concentrated intelligence!
The C.A 1954 DiaCAm2 is perfectly balanced, whether placed on a table or held in the hand.  The display on a wide 2.8-inch screen with automatic brightness adjustment ensures that it can be read comfortably. The field of view is 38° x 28° and the camera is focus-free. The lens is protected by a slide-down cover built into the instrument, so that it cannot be lost and does not get in the way when you work.
Contextual help guides users step-by-step, thus limiting the risk of errors.
Particularly rugged, with IP54  ingress protection, the camera can withstand falls from 2 metres (laboratory tests).
Concentrated measurement
The C.A 1954 is a communicating camera which simultaneously recovers the measurements from other instruments such as current clamps, multimeters, thermometers, thermo-hygrometers, etc., via Bluetooth.
In this way, users can link the thermograms from the camera to the data from measurements made simultaneously with other measuring instruments. This involves values such as:
- the dew point,
- the humidity,
- the ambient temperature,
- the current, etc.
The integrated emissivity table can be enhanced as required. It is possible to rename the images and thermograms by site and record voice comments for easier follow-up. The C.A 1954 has a memory capacity of nearly 4,000 images on the 2 GB removable µSD card supplied which can easily be replaced with a 32 GB card.
Concentrated applications
The C.A 1954 is ideal for all applications in the building industry and for electrical and mechanical maintenance:
- thermal audits,
- fault detection (thermal bridges, seepage, presence of humidity),
- electrical maintenance: detection of faulty contacts, unbalance, etc.
- mechanical maintenance: detection of wear points, engine overheating, lubrication problems, etc.
In industrial maintenance, linking thermograms and current measurements enables you to find out the load level at the time of measurement, facilitating identification of the fault and assessment of its criticality. 
In buildings, the isotherm coupled with the dew point value can be used to detect areas at risk from mould.
It is possible to record and store the configurations for the different applications (building, electrical cabinet, etc.), thus saving extra time.
The CAmReport® software, supplied free of charge, can be used to create automatic reports which can be exported in Word or PDF format. This simplifies printing and archiving.
The C.A 1954 is delivered ready to use in a site-proof casing with all its accessories, including the Bluetooth earpiece. It complies with the environmental protection and part recycling specifications of the Chauvin Arnoux Group's "Eco-Conception" eco-design label.