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IP67 multimeter for difficult environments

Monitor and view remote measurement campaigns with the ANDROID application

The "ASYC 4" Android application can be used to connect to version "A" or the new version "B" of the ASYC IV 100,000-count multimeter via Bluetooth.

android for asyc4

This only concerns the 6 instruments in the range equipped with Bluetooth: 
- MTX3292B-BT and MTX3292-BT
- MTX3293B-BT and MTX3293-BT
- CA 5292-BT (P01196812)
- CA 5293-BT (P01196813)
The main menu offers 4 possibilities:
-Connection to the instrument: detection of the MTX3292–BT or MTX3293-BT or/and CA5292-BT or CA5293-BT instruments nearby by means of the Bluetooth BT 2.0 protocol which is recognized automatically
-Display of the remote measurement and the real-time trace of the measurements in graph form.
-The configuration function proposes synchronization of the date and time on the instrument and on the Android device.
-Display of the screenshots available for the real-time display screens for the measurements (texts and curves). The area captured is the whole screen.