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Chauvin Arnoux again a partner of the 8th edition of the EducEco race

Chauvin Arnoux was once again a partner of the EducEco race, staged for the first time in Valenciennes (France) on 19th, 20th and 21st May. This event brought together 700 students and teachers, as well as a hundred or so volunteers and the major regional players from the automotive sector, for an innovative motor race.

The EducEco Challenge is a motor race for innovative, eco-designed, energy-saving vehicles built and driven by teams of high-school and college students. Around the circuit and the event-village, the players from the automotive industry take advantage of this opportunity to highlight the technological advances in their sector. The volunteers do their utmost to ensure that this important event for the region and the automotive industry runs smoothly. The schools entered are there to show off their know-how and put what they've learnt into practice. It also provides an opportunity for the companies present to detect the young talents who will develop the vehicles of tomorrow.
This event and the various teams competing help to promote a positive, innovative image of this sector, an image which Chauvin Arnoux was pleased once again to support by sponsoring these teams of keen young engineers.