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About us

Metrology, regulatory testing and industrial maintenance

MANUMESURE is the Chauvin Arnoux Group company specialized in metrology and regulatory testing.

It performs metrological verification, maintenance and management for fleets of measuring, inspection and test instruments in its laboratories or on customers' sites. The company also offers regulatory testing covering environmental issues (atmospheric pollutant emissions, noise, etc.), personal safety (inspection of electrical installations, etc.) and hazard prevention (thermography, etc.)
MANUMESURE has structured its service offering on three major market segments: Industry, the Environment and Health.

With 12 technical centres in France and a team of travelling experts, the company provides full national coverage, thus guaranteeing a quick response wherever customers need it.
Our experts often also provide services abroad.

The services proposed are all performed in compliance with the standards and constraints for traceability to the national reference standards. All MANUMESURE's laboratories have COFRAC accreditation certifying the technical competence of our teams and guaranteeing their impartiality.

The company is certified ISO 9001 and 14001 and MASE and is approved by the French Ministry of the Environment and Ecology.

MANUMESURE is also a certified training organization, offering training courses in multiple technical fields to meet customers' needs.