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Nuclear-qualified measurement solutions

Reliability and performance in the heart of nuclear power plants

As early as the 1970s, Pyrocontrole was already involved in the manufacture of temperature sensors for the nuclear industry and that involvement has continued to grow ever since.

Our sensors, qualified to withstand the most extreme conditions in terms of irradiation, earthquake, temperature and pressure, enable you measure the temperatures in your installations as reliably as possible in all circumstances.

Our K1, K2, K3 and NC-qualified temperature sensors are installed on the REP 900 MW, 1300 MW and N4 Series and in third-generation EPR power plants.




Qualified to withstand the most extreme conditions (irradiation, earthquake, high temperatures, high pressures, etc.), our sensors are positioned at all the strategic points in a nuclear installation.

>Applications: from the reactor building to the machine sets, as well as in the auxiliary buildings, our experts have designed a range of sensors equipped with reliable, innovative technologies.

DT 102 nucleaire  Pyro    • Motor or pump-bearing sensors
     These monitor heating inside the primary and secondary pump bearings, 
     as well as in the safety pumps and lift pumps.

  • Fast-response sensors
  These provide accurate instantenous temperature measurements
  in the primary loop, even when there are rapid

DT108 pyrocontrole    • Sensors with standard response times
     These provide particularly accurate temperature measurements,
     from the pressurizer to the machine sets.

sonde de surface Pyrocontrole    • Surface sensors
     These are fitted on the essential safety systems. They measure the
     duct temperatures non-intrusively. 

                                              • Pool sensors 
                                                             These measure the temperature at the bottom of the pool.


    • Cooling-tank sensors
     These measure the water temperature in the waste-water cooling tanks of 
     nuclear power plants located close to the sea which use salt water for


        the Nuclear brochure


Pyrocontrole benefits from the following certifications:

ASME code
IEC 60751
ISO 9001
ISO 14001

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