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Environmental measurements

Due to their industrial activities, companies have a significant effect on the environment. In the context of the European policy on sustainable development, they have to comply with the European Union's environmental standards concerning a wide range of aspects: air quality, management of chemicals and waste, water purity, lighting, humidity, air-conditioning, noise reduction, etc.

Environmental and physical measurements in the Chauvin Arnoux Group are organized around three major orientations:

 For all these crucial measurements, the Chauvin Arnoux Group proposes a comprehensive range of instruments and solutions for domestic use, regulatory verification in the construction industry, maintenance of installations and checking of environmental parameters and compliance with the standards. In industry, the installations, ambient air quality, apparatus and production processes can also be tested using Chauvin Arnoux® measuring instrument ranges, as well as Pyrocontrole® controllers and temperature sensors

These regulatory measurements and tests on installations are performed directly on site by expert technicians from our subsidiary Manumesure.

 Precautionary principle: a healthy environment

Whether in a private or professional context, the applicable European regulations define the acceptable thresholds for individuals' well-being and health regarding air quality, water quality, noise levels and electromagnetic emissions from equipment. These regulations concern:

 The food industry and retail sector for control of the cold chain, food storage areas and the environmental parameters (manometers)

 Preventive maintenance of all types of installations (calibrators, tachometers, etc.)

Ambient environment testing to ensure people's comfort and health in offices and collective areas, crèches, hospital accommodation and private housing and check the operation of the air-conditioning and ventilation systems, as well as noise pollution, CO detection, humidity and lighting: luxmeters, sound level meters, thermometers, thermo-hygrometers and CO detectors


Energy saving

In this field, the regulations in France (RT 2005) seek a 40 % reduction in energy consumption by 2020. To achieve this, the air flow-rate, potential leaks, insulation and equipment (lighting, appliances, etc.) must all be checked.

Many energy savings are simple to implement: switching off lights and heating, closing windows, etc. With the right tools for testing, energy losses in housing or industrial premises can also be prevented relatively easily.
Chauvin Arnoux benefits from an extensive offering which is ideal for auditing the systems involved, checking that they operate correctly and assessing their impact on the environment: 
Thermographic cameras for detecting heat losses
Luxmeters for checking lighting

 Safety of equipment and installations

In industrial processes, the multiple electronic systems connected and the often severe operating environments lead to higher levels of harmonic disturbances on the electrical network and electromagnetic emissions.

These disturbances affect the quality of the energy distributed and, sooner or later, cause failures across all the electrical equipment connected to the network. The negative effects of harmonics on the electrical system may can be dielectric, thermal and/or mechanical.
Electrical network analysers or harmonic analysers are then essential to quantify the total harmonic distortion on the network so that a suitable solution can be found.

In this context, via its Chauvin Arnoux®, Metrix®, Chauvin Arnoux Energy® and Pyrocontrole® brands, the Chauvin Arnoux Group has a developed instruments for testing, analysing and supervising electrical networks.

Pyrocontrole commercializes a comprehensive range of HMIs (Human-Machine interfaces) with touch screens, called CPS Touch®, designed to simplify the day-to-day work of operators involved in industrial process supervision. This interface is all you need for centralized real-time supervision of installations. This advanced technology helps to improve productivity while reducing maintenance costs.

Discover our CPS Touch® range

The Group's measurement offering

Testing & monitoring in industrial environments

The ranges of portable measuring instruments from the Chauvin Arnoux® and Metrix® brands include simple-to-use instruments specially designed for industrial environments:

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thermographic cameras,

thermometers and thermo-hygrometers,

anemometers and manometers,

sensors, luxmeters and CO detectors,

sound level meters, tachometers, etc.

Pyrocontrole's temperature measurement and supervision offering

Temperature and power controllers, usually driven by control loops, process the measurement and supervise the power values of the loads. Solid-state thyristor relays and controllers handle the switching of the high powers needed by industrial processes. Their solid-state design means there is no wear of the contacts, so they last much longer.

The solid-state relays and controllers in the Thyritop range can be used in a wide variety if sectors for multiple applications, including:

Furnaces and processes for the glass industries,

Chemical and petrochemical equipment,

Retraction tunnels, paint , infrared lamps, thermoforming, and drying,

Injection and thermoforming presses,

Industrial food extruders,

Ovens, climatic chambers and autoclaves,

Industrial dryers

Mould and duct heaters


The C.A 650 Pyrotracer recorder records  temperature measurements and displays them on PC and is used mainly in the medical sector (data from incubators, ovens or freezers).

The offering also includes the C.A 650 Pyrotracer Video for temperature monitoring in humid areas (swimming pool, gymnasium, heating installation, etc.) in order to prevent the proliferation of the legionella bacterium which causes legionnaire's disease, a frequently fatal illness. When hooked up to one or more sensors, this logger continuously monitors sanitary hot water production and distribution installations.

 Download our Case Study on Legionnaire's Disease

Testing of comfort parameters and regulated values in housing

When buildings are built or for maintenance of installations, all the measurements needed to check the environmental parameters in housing can be performed quickly and simply.

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  Regulatory testing of the cold chain

  Verification of the operation of air-conditioning and ventilation systems

Preventive maintenance of all types of installations

Testing of work environments: noise pollution, CO detection, lighting, etc.

Verification of food storage systems

Checking of all the parameters affecting food storage (temperature, humidity, etc.)

Verification of comfort parameters in housing and public areas.


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The product offering:

=> Calibrators

=>Thermographic cameras, thermometers, thermo-anemometers, anemometers, manometers, luxmeters

=>Sensors and probes

=>CO detectors, sound level meters



Manumesure's regulatory testing services

Electrical inspections

Manumesure performs periodic verification of electrical installations and equipment. Manumesure is COFRAC-accredited for "Inspection" of permanent electrical installations in workplaces. Accreditation  no. 3-145.

Manumesure also has "Insurance" approval from the CNPP (French national centre for prevention and protection) as per reference document Y18.
Approval no. 146/18.
This "verification of electrical installations with regard to fire hazards" is finalized by
a Q18 report

Scope available at

Manumesure proposes safety inspection services using infrared thermography.

This no-contact testing technique involves converting temperatures at a location into an image. It only covers surface temperatures. It is an essential tool for decision-making in many industrial sectors:

> Electrical inspections
> Mechanics
> Processes
> Industrial furnaces
> Building insulation
> Underfloor heating
> Detection of water leaks

 Manumesure's operators are APSAP-certified and can detect hot spots in electrical cabinets, test for refractory leaks in a melting furnaces or search for embedded pipes causing losses… This testing service complies with technical document D19 (issuance of document) and can be performed according to your specifications.

Manumesure can work on site all over France and in neighbouring countries.


Outdoor air quality verification

With its fleet of mobile laboratories, Manumesure provides outdoor verification all over France for environmentally-sensitive installations such as cement works, incineration plants, petrochemical installations, heating plants, foundries, printing works, chemical and pharmaceutical factories, surface-treatment centres, sugar factories, etc.. Sampling and analysis of the atmospheric pollutants in the emissions and in the ambient air are performed by Manumesure teams with COFRAC "Tests" accreditation, in compliance with the applicable standards. Our technicians analyse:
   Dust concentrations in ambient air
   Heavy metal concentrations (cadmium, thallium, mercury, lead, zinc, etc.)
   Concentrations of specific pollutants (benzene, PAHs, dioxins, furans, etc.)

The following analytical methods are used:

=>    Measurement of dust deposition
=>    Collection of rain water and particulates in "Owen gauges"
=>    "Radiello" passive diffusive air sampling
=>    Sampling with a pump and standardized probe with filter

-Measurement of velocity and volume flow-rate of waste emissions (ISO 10780)
-Measurement of humidity (NF EN 14790)
-Dust sampling with an isokinetic probe
-Measurement of gaseous heavy metals and particulates in laboratories
-Continuous gas analysis
-Gas analysis by sampling in reactive solution
-Sampling for analysis of dioxins and furans (NF EN 1948-1),
-Sampling for analysis of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (NF 43-329)

Download the product data sheet ENV-AIR 04/2010 Ed2 (in French).

Indoor air quality is measured by two sampling techniques:

=>   Determination of the concentrations of various particulate or gaseous pollutants: mercury, lead, zinc, hydrochloric acid, ammonia, hydrogen sulphide, etc.)
=>   Measurement of the amount of dust absorbed by an individual in the ambient environment at their workstation.

Automatic measurement systems (AMSs)

For the verification of automatic measurement systems and gas analysers installed on industrial stacks, Manumesure proposes QUAL2 surveys (installation quality assurance) and AST annual surveillance testing in compliance with the NF EN 14181 standard and the GA X43-132 application guide. AST is a procedure performed in a test laboratory once per year to check that the calibration function defined in the QUAL2 survey is still valid and that the AMS operates within the required uncertainty limits.

Find out more about automatic measurement system testing.

Testing of underground water quality

Underground water is a major concern for the future because it is the basis of all human activity: drinking water, irrigation, industrial activities, etc. Manumesure tests and monitors underground water quality by water sampling in accordance with AFNOR FD X31-615 :

-Checking on alteration of water quality by an agricultural or industrial activity.

-Detecting any pollution of the water table

-Monitoring the development of previously-detected pollution.

The work is mainly carried out on installations classified as environmentally sensitive: chemicals and petrochemicals, foundrywork, plasturgy, waste processing, etc.

Find out more about underground water quality verification and monitoring.

Noise measurement

Manumesure performs regulatory testing on installations classified as environmentally sensitive. These measurements are designed to check the noise levels at property limits and in regulated emergence zones. The measurements are performed with sound level meters in compliance with the NF S 31-010 standard.

Find out more about the Noise Measurement services.