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Supervision of installations

Supervision and resizing of electrical installations

Deregulation and privatization of the energy market have led energy producers in the public and private sectors to monitor the state of their electrical network in order to optimize their energy use. Because there are multiple, diverse types of energy production sites and methods (nuclear, thermal or hydroelectric power plants, wind or solar farms, new operators, etc.), established energy producers are being forced to ensure that their network is properly balanced at all points in the installation so as to maintain the right proportion between production and consumption. Four main phases in the approach can be defined:

Monitoring and supervising
Analysing and diagnosing
Correcting and resizing
Maintaining over the long term

1) Supervising and monitoring for better control of your electrical network

Enerdis and Chauvin Arnoux, both companies which are part of the Chauvin Arnoux Group, propose technological expertise based on an extensive range of fixed or portable products and global solutions for diagnosing and sizing electrical installations.
Enerdis covers the specific and standardized measurement and metering requirements of energy production companies with an offering of products operating in severe environments, as well as products for general real-time monitoring of the electrical parameters on the installation:

Measurement transducers
Current transformers
Power monitors
Network analysers

Chauvin Arnoux designs portable measuring and diagnostic instruments for precisely defining the behaviour of an installation and its capacity. Whether on the basis of a spot analysis of the power or a long-term campaign serving as a reference for defining a Measurement and Verification Plan (MVP), to choose the right power capacity or examine the necessity of adding power on an installation, you will require the following products from the offering:

Multimeters allowing quick diagnostics on low-voltage networks due to their universality and measurement ranges
Multimeter clamps which measure currents in total safety without any contact or mechanical intervention.
PEL power and energy loggers for the measurement campaigns
Qualistar® electrical network analysers for drafting a Measurement and Verification Plan

2) Assessing electrical network mapping conformity to limit operating losses and identify symptoms linked to the quality of the power supplied.

To avoid penalties for not complying with the load factor defined in the contract for an installation, you have to analyse the behaviour of the installations very precisely by means of long-term measurement campaigns using:
permanent network quality analysers from Enerdis, which comply with the IEC 61000-4-30 standard, Class A: MAP 640 with capture of fast transients and MAP 620
• automatic data retrieval software: E.Qual premium Server  from Enerdis.
At the core of the energy diagnosis lies a comprehensive range of portable instrumentation from Chauvin Arnoux, allowing users to measurement and automatically record the trends over time of voltages, currents, temperatures and process signals.  The PEL loggers  and the power and energy analysers positioned on the various electrical feeders downstream of the meter can be used, simply and without interrupting operation, to size the relative weight of each line in terms of global consumption, define a load profile for the installation and thus determine the priorities for improvement.

3) Resizing an electrical installation and maintaining electrical safety

When an industrial installation is extended or resized, it may increase the harmonic disturbances on the electrical network which, in turn, has a direct impact on the quality of the power distributed. In the short or medium term, these disturbances may cause failures on all the electrical instruments connected to the network in question. Harmonic currents have a negative effect on nearly all the components in the electrical system by creating new dielectric, thermal or mechanical stresses.

Chauvin Arnoux's 
electrical network analysers and harmonic analysers are then essential to quantify all the harmonics present on the network and find a suitable solution.

Electrical safety of the installation

For electrical safety, the IEC 60364 international standard is one of the technical standards defining the rules on design and construction of low-voltage electrical installations and the tests needed to confirm compliance of the finished installations.
It is essential to ensure that residential, industrial and tertiary electrical installations are safe in order to protect people and property. Chauvin Arnoux proposes a range of bi-function or multi-function installation testers which comply with the tests required by the international or national standards (NF C15-100 in France, BS 7671 in the UK, VDE 100 in Germany, for example).

• Electrical continuity of the equipotential protection circuit for the mechanical chassis-earths
• Correct sizing and operation of the protective systems
• Effectiveness of the earthing system
• Quality of the electrical insulation

Temperature monitoring

 Because they are so quick to implement, no-contact temperature measurement systems have become essential tools for ensuring safe industrial production conditions. With infrared thermometers or thermographic cameras, it is now possible to detect thermal behaviour anomalies by means of relative or absolute measurements.

The purpose of the electrical tests is therefore to detect any overheating on the infrastructures when a load is present. This overheating can have various causes (poor connections, overloads, phase unbalance, faulty contacts, undersizing, etc.).
For mechanical maintenance, this means of investigation helps to check for abnormal overheating (wear, bearing faults, insufficient lubrication, etc.).
In France, the APSAD D19 technical document defines the conditions for thermographic inspections of electrical installations. Such thermographic inspections may be undertaken by the insurer but are in no way a substitute for periodic regulatory inspections of electrical installations.

The purpose of the inspection is to provide decision-making information to allow appropriate corrective and/or preventive action on the installations and equipment, thus avoiding damage to the equipment under consideration, fires and production stoppages. In all cases, the operator involved must possess the certificate of aptitude for electrical installation inspections by infrared thermography awarded by the CNPP (French national centre for prevention and protection) and must use thermographic equipment which is checked annually and offers sufficient spatial and thermal resolution, such as the C.A 1886 and C.A 1888 cameras from Chauvin Arnoux.

4) Maintaining the electrical installation over the
long term

At the core of a an energy intelligence system, the® software developed by Enerdis complies with the applicable regulations concerning energy control and optimization. This system, comprising metering and measuring products and concentrators, is an operational centre for:
• Providing relevant, accurate information
• Helping with any decision-making related to energy performance
• Monitoring the long-term results of the action taken

• Instantaneous display of all the quantities measured
• Instantaneous detection of communication faults
• Real-time aggregation of all the data retrieved remotely
• Recording campaign on the quantities measured

• Global, summarized view
• List of alarms detected (log)
• Up-to-date energy reports
• Evolution of real-time and historical graphs

• Multi-energy dashboards
• Allocation of consumption by usage, utility and entity
• Calculation of energy performance and economic indices (kWhoe, €/m²/year, KWh/degree day, €/manufactured part)
• Valuation of consumption / tariff contracts

• Parameterization of profiled thresholds
• Distribution of alerts by email
• Alarms log with descriptions of the events

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