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New functionality for the CA 8345 QualiStar power quality analyser !

The Star of your network security !

Already known for its measurement accuracy and its quality as a tool for troubleshooting energy loses in the industrial electricity grid, the STAR of power quality analysers also meets the requirements of the Anglo-Saxon standards (UK BSG5-5 and USA IEEE519) with a measurement range extended up to the 127th harmonic order.

The automatic pre-trigger function in the integrated Inrush mode can be used to capture the measurement at the beginning of the measurement campaign and display the waveforms. Recording campaigns which may stretch over a period of several weeks or months help to identify the points of dysfunction in the installation.

This is a perfect tool for inspection and maintenance teams working on industrial and tertiary grids, complying with the highest level of electrical safety specified by the IEC 61010 standard: 1000V CAT IV. Already protected against connection errors by a system of coloured rings, the analyser is also equipped with a connection security password. The data measured can easily be recovered via Ethernet, a removable SD card or Wifi.