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Energy crisis: things are heating up!


A prediction which sounds like something we've heard before... global warming, gas crisis in the context of the Russian-Ukrainian war, rising oil prices, risk of rationing during the winter… the situation is looking tense for French people and industrial companies.

With the "energy sobriety plan" asking every company to "mobilize and take action" announced by Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne, companies are in the front line for the governmental directives. The Chauvin Arnoux Group, which will be celebrating its 130th anniversary as a designer and manufacturer of electrical measuring instruments and solutions in 2023, is ready to play its part.

In this context, Chauvin Arnoux is this year presenting a complete range of energy management products. Its brand new CA 8345 industrial electrical network analyser was launched recently and can be used for continuous monitoring of energy losses, while the PEL range of Power & Energy Loggers and installation testers like the MX 535 from our Metrix brand contribute to closer control of your energy use. At Pyrocontrole, a Chauvin Arnoux Group company, the focus is on decarbonization and its new offering covering temperature measurement and control in the hydrogen sector. Meanwhile, our subsidiary CA Energy is rolling out its new GridWatch supervision solution capable of anticipating failures on the installations. Lastly, Chauvin Arnoux Energy's Ulys multiple meter proposes a solution particularly well suited to managing energy savings. Chauvin Arnoux remains focused on the energy issues currently facing people in France and on helping to reduce their costs.