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CA6424 Earth Tester

2P+3P earth tester for intensive use

  • 2P resistance / 3P earth measurements up to 50 kΩ in high-resistivity terrain
  • Voltage measurement up to 600 V and RH stake resistance measurement
  • Automatic stabilization of the measurement
  • Help with positioning the stakes – average and 52%/62%/72% deviation
  • Leakage current measurement from 0.5 mA
  • Battery recharging via the mains, USB socket or vehicle cigarette lighter

Rugged and waterproof, the CA 6424 earth tester can be used for 2P and 3P earth measurements in total safety. Text markings and colour coding help users to avoid connection errors. It can also measure the voltage up to 600 V. All the measurements and functions are directly accessible on the front panel, even when wearing gloves. Special connection technology for the G72 clamp allows measurement of the line (phase) current and leakage current, from 0.5 mA to 60 A. There is a dedicated key for cable compensation. A LED indicates when a hazardous voltage is present, while the NOISE symbol flashes to indicate when a noise voltage is present.

Equipped with a 3-display backlit screen, the CA 6424 ohmmeter lets you view all the useful information on a single screen: measurement result, errors concerning the measurements or the recorded values, as well as complementary information (USE, HR, etc.).

Technical specifications:
- Voltage from 0 to 600 V
- 2P resistance: 0.05 Ω to 50 kΩ
- 3P earth: 0.5 Ω to 50 kΩ
- Measurement mode: one-shot or permanent
- RH stake resistance measurement
- USE voltage measurement
- Current measurement with the G72 clamp: 0.5 mA to 60 A
- Deactivatable automatic power-off
- Complies with IEC 61557-1 and IEC 61557-4
- NiMH batteries rechargeable via the mains, USB socket or vehicle cigarette lighter

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