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About us

Specialist for the electrical and thermal measurement’s instrumentation, control and automation, for professionals, CA SUBSIDIARY meets your needs in these areas.

CHAUVIN ARNOUX IBÉRICA, member of the CA GROUP known for its expertise internationally, operates in the industrial, commercial and public sectors and is at your disposal to define with you the products meeting your needs:

- Measurement and diagnostic tools with portable products from Chauvin Arnoux or Metrix,

- Fixed measurements and instrumentation dedicated to improving the energy efficiency of your plant or relaying solutions with ENERDIS products

- Measurements and temperature regulation with PYROCONTROLE products.

The CA Ibérica's headquarters located in Barcelona, welcome the technical structure, commercial & marketing and logistics to offer a closeness service to your measurements.

We are a team of dynamic professionals available and able to find solutions to your problems from their formulations to the commissioning of products and beyond (training, after-sales service).