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CA1310 Sound Level Meter

CA1310 Sound Level Meter

Brand New and available to order now

The CA1310 Class 2 integrating sound level meter compliant with the IEC 61672-1 standard is the ideal instrument for measuring the sound environment for a large number of applications :

  • Testing of noise exposure at work,
  • Testing of HVAC system noise
  • Building acoustics, neighbourhood noise disputes, etc.
  • Noise nuisance assessments, etc.

Equipped with a wide backlit screen with digital and bargraph display and time/date-stamping, the CA1310 is easy to read in all circumstances. Its ergonomic casing makes it simple to use: excellent grip, access to all the functions on the front panel, tripod insert, etc. The microphone can be used remotely with a 5m extension cable, available as a n option. Powered by normal or rechargeable batteries, it offers an excellent battery life of 60 hours! It can also be connected to the mains via its micro-USB port.

The CA1310 offers 2 types of measurements: ‘instantaneous’ (SPL) or ‘equivalent continuous sound level’ (Leq). For Leq measurements, the integration time can be set to periods from 10 seconds to 24 hours. It can record up to 64,000 measurement points, with a sampling rate which can be set directly in the instrument's SETUP menu.
The PC software, SL-Software, allows you to monitor the measurements in real time, view the data and export them for analysis or measurement report generation.
The CA 1310 is delivered in a case with a foam wind-shield for outdoor measurements.

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