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CAT IV / 600V
Graphical network
Designed for testing and maintenance departments in industrial or administrative buildings, the Qualistar C.A 8334 enables the user to obtain an instant snapshot of the main characteristics of electrical network quality.
Handy and very compact, this instrument also offers numerous calculated values and several processing functions based on the current standards: EN 50160, IEC 61000-4-15, IEC 61000-4-30, IEC 61000-4-7.

  • Colour LCD screen for graphic display
  • 3 structured display modes: observation, diagnosis, monitoring
  • Complete three-phase analysis:
    - voltage, current,
    - power / energy,
    - harmonics (up to 50th order), flicker,
    - measurement of transients,
    - alarm trigger...
  • Processing of data via PC software QualistarView or DataViewer Pro.
  • Recording of 12 screens
  • Compliant with IEC 61010-1, 600V Cat.IV

    Numerous accessories for optimum configuration of your Qualistar.

    To download updated versions of the firmare and the operating software QualistarView, go to our Support area.
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    Ref. ESSAI-CFG

    Ref. CA8332BCFG

    Ref. CA8334BCFG

    Ref. KITCA8352CFG

    Ref. KITMTX328XCFG

    Ref. KCA82XX-CFG

    Ref. KMTX33XX-CFG
    Ref. KITCA8334
    Ref. CA8334
    Appareil livré complet (selon options : nous consulter) avec : - 1 logiciel QualistarView - Cordon série optique DB9F - 4 cordons tension banane/banane L=3m - 4 pinces-crocodile - 1 cordon secteur
    WATT C.A 8334-F AmpFlex
    Ref. P01160602A
    WATT C.A 8334-F CLAMP MN 93A
    Ref. P01160601B
    WATT C.A 8334-F MN Clamp
    Ref. P01160601A
    WATT C.A 8334-INT AmpFlex
    Ref. P01160604A
    WATT C.A 8334-INT CLAMP MN 93A
    Ref. P01160603B
    WATT C.A 8334-INT MN Clamp
    Ref. P01160603A
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      657,35 ko
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