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  current measurement > AC/DC current clamp

PAC 2X Print
Easy, fast and safe measurement of all AC/DC currents
The PAC 20, 21 and 22 clamps are professional AC/DC ammeter clamps. The PAC 2x series uses the Hall-effect principle. Measurement of up to 1,400A DC and 1,000A AC is possible. The PAC series is suitable for power measurement applications. True RMS measurements with DC components are also possible.

  • PAC 20 :
    Input: 0.5...1,000A AC / 0.5...1,400A DC
    Output: 1.4V AC/DC
    Ratio: 1A/1mV
    Potentiometer for zero reset 
  • PAC 21 :
    Input: 0.2...100A AC / 0.4...150A DC / 0.5...1,000A AC / 0.5...1,400A DC
    Output: 1.4V AC/DC
    Ratio: 1A/10mV / 1A/1mV
    Automatic zero reset
  • PAC 22 – clamp with BNC connector:
    Input: 0.2...150A peak / 0.4...150A DC / 0.5...1,400A peak / 0.5...1,400A peak
    Output: 1.4V AC/DC
    Ratio: 1A/10mV / 1A/1mV
    Automatic zero reset – measurements on oscilloscopes and devices with BNC input
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PAC 20 CVH Clamp 1000/1
Ref. P01120071
PAC 20 CVH Clamp 1000/1 ML
Ref. P01120071D
PAC 21 CVH Clamp 1000/1
Ref. P01120069
PAC 21 CVH Clamp 1000/1 ML
Ref. P01120069C
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