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  • 5 voltage inputs & 4 current inputs
  • All-terrain shockproof casing resistant to UV light and high temperatures
  • Ideal for mounting on electricity poles
  • Self-powered by its voltage inputs up to 1,000 V
  • Continuous recording at 200 ms intervals
  • Measurements in compliance with IEEE 1459


The PEL 105 logger is particularly simple to use with an all-terrain IP67 casing capable of withstanding shocks, UV rays and extreme temperatures.
It is ideal for outdoor installation directly on an electricity pole. With its 1,000 V CAT IV safety rating, it can be used for measurements on all LV networks, including measurements of the neutral-earth voltage and the neutral current. This stand-alone instrument is equipped with a selfpowering system via its voltage inputs up to 1,000 V. The PEL 105 offers 5 voltage inputs and 4 current inputs. Compatible with a large number of current sensors to make it easier to use, it also recognizes the sensors
The PEL 105 can be used to measure, record and analyse the power values (W, var, VA) and energy values (kWh, kvarh, kVAh). At the same time, they record the PF and the DPF. Recording is continuous with a sampling interval of 200 ms.




POWER LOGGER PEL105 A196A P01157155 Add to my selection
See accessories
HX0086 - Rechargeable battery pack Rechargeable battery pack HX0086 Add to my selection
P01101959 - CA833X-F 5A Adapt. box CA833X-F 5A Adapt. box P01101959 Add to my selection
P01102057 - CA8335 Mains power pack CA8335 Mains power pack P01102057 Add to my selection
P01102080 - Set of inserts/rings Set of inserts/rings P01102080 Add to my selection
P01102081 - E3N Clamp adapter for QUALISTAR connector E3N Clamp adapter for QUALISTAR connector P01102081 Add to my selection
P01102095 - DATAVIEW Software DATAVIEW Software P01102095 Add to my selection
P01102099 - Lockable croco clip kit Lockable croco clip kit P01102099 Add to my selection
P01102117 - Set of plugs for C.A 8435 Set of plugs for C.A 8435 P01102117 Add to my selection
P01102131 - ESSAILEC Adapter ESSAILEC Adapter P01102131 Add to my selection
P01120043A - E3N clamp CVH oscillo E3N clamp CVH oscillo P01120043A Add to my selection
P01120079B - PAC 93 clamp BK PAC 93 clamp BK P01120079B Add to my selection
P01120110 - J93 CLAMP J93 CLAMP P01120110 Add to my selection
P01120323B - C193 clamp BK C193 clamp BK P01120323B Add to my selection
P01120425B - MN93 clamp BK MN93 clamp BK P01120425B Add to my selection
P01120434B - MN93A clamp BK MN93A clamp BK P01120434B Add to my selection
P01120526B - A193 AmpFlex 450mm BK A193 AmpFlex 450mm BK P01120526B Add to my selection
P01120531B - A193 AmpFlex 800mm BK A193 AmpFlex 800mm BK P01120531B Add to my selection
P01120580 - MINIFLEX MA193-250 MINIFLEX MA193-250 P01120580 Add to my selection
P01295293 - USB-A USB-B Cable USB-A USB-B Cable P01295293 Add to my selection
P01295479 - Set BB196 5XBANANA Leads LEAD3_0DM4_VIS_15MP-BK_X5 Set BB196 5XBANANA Leads LEAD3_0DM4_VIS_15MP-BK_X5 P01295479 Add to my selection
P01298056 - Bag No.22 Bag No.22 P01298056 Add to my selection
P01298066 - Standard Carrying Bag Standard Carrying Bag P01298066 Add to my selection
P01102149 - Reeling Box Reeling Box P01102149 Add to my selection
P01102146 - Pole mounting kit Pole mounting kit P01102146 Add to my selection
P01120567 - MINIFLEX MA193 350 MM MINIFLEX MA193 350 MM P01120567 Add to my selection
P01120554 - AMPFLEX A196A-610 AMPFLEX A196A-610 P01120554 Add to my selection
P01120568 - MiniFlex MA196-350 MiniFlex MA196-350 P01120568 Add to my selection


Software available for this product :

PEL Transfer

PEL Transfer

The PEL Transfer software can be used to control the PEL102, PEL103 and PEL105 power and energy loggers.

The PEL Transfer software is a tool for:

  • Configuring the instruments,
  • Downloading and viewing the data stored in the memory,
  • Performing instantaneous acquisition operations,
  • Displaying the data in the form of tables or graphs,
  • Exporting the measurement data into (*.dvb files) or into a spreadsheet.

This evolution brings new features:
- Add finish language
- Few minor bugs fixed.

Compatible with Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10
Caution : DataView is not supplied with the PEL Transfer software

pel_v2.02.11024.zip Updated : 23/07/2018 Language : Multilingual Version : v2.2.11024

DataView Suite

DataView Suite

DataView is a powerful tool for configuration, transfer and processing of measurement data for an extensive range of Chauvin Arnoux measuring instruments. The DataView Suite groups the DataView report editor and the PEL Transfer, PAT, GTT, ICT, DTR, SLII and MOT application software.

DataView v3.53.0012

Compatible instruments:

  • PEL 102, PEL 103 and PEL 105 power and energy loggers;
  • F407 and F607 power and harmonics clamps;
  • C.A 8220 and 8230 single-phase power analysers;
  • Qualistar C.A 8331,8332, 8333,8334, 8335, 8435, 8436 and 8336 three-phase power analysers;
  • C.A 6543, 6547, 6549, 6550 and 6555 megohmmeters;
  • C.A 6240, 6250, 6255 and 6292 micro-ohmmeters;
  • C.A 6470N, 6471 and 6472 earth testers;
  • DTR 8510 ratiometer for transformers;
  • Simple Logger II and L452;
  • C.A 1110, 1227, 1246, 1821, 1822, 1510 and 1823 physical measurement devices;
  • C.A 6116, 6116N and 6117 electrical installation testers.


DataView is available in the following languages: German, English, Chinese, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Swedish, Czech and Turkish.

dataview_3.53.0012.zip Updated : 03/07/2018 Language : Multilingual Version : V3.53.0012

PEL105 firmware

PEL105 firmware

PEL105 firmware update.

Instructions :
- Connect the PEL105 to your computer
- Unzip the downloaded ZIP file
- Launch FlashUp.exe
- Load the update files included in the ZIP file ( PEL105.hex , PEL105_1.3.bin , wifi.hex)
- Choose Program Logger and DSP then click on Program
rev_v1.05_v1.3_en.zip Uploaded : 25/06/2018 Version : v1.05 v1.3