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Scopix III  is a stand-alone oscilloscope with 2 totally-isolated 600 V channels with 60 MHz bandwidth. It is now equipped with an extended 50k memory, considerably increasing the recording durations available.


Ergonomic: 5.7" TFT monochrome or colour touch screen with backlighting for easier reading,
Control: 33 direct command keys / "Windows-like" menus / touch screen.

Rich with original functions, like the whole SCOPIX range, the OX 7062 dual-channel 60 MHz digital oscilloscope, a "multi-instrument" with a minimum footprint, provides outstanding performance, thanks in particular to its 12-bit / 2.5 GS/s converter.

  • In addition to its advanced triggering functions (pulse width, count, delay, TV), SCOPIX III offers triggering and automatic storage of faults on the basis of the measurement thresholds.
  • This OSCILLOSCOPE also has "MATH" functions which can be used to define, for each trace, a mathematical function and a vertical scale with the definition of the true physical unit.
  • Thanks to FFT, the qualitative analysis of harmonics, signal distortion and pulse response, and the investigation of noise sources in logic circuits lead to effective diagnostics.
  • The multi-channel TRMS digital MULTIMETER - 8,000 counts, 200 kHz - measures amplitudes, resistances, continuity, capacitances, frequencies and temperatures, and performs tests on components. It includes a recorder with windows from 5 min to 24 hours.
  • The HX0075 POWER module (option) enables the OX 7062 to perform power measurements: single and three-phase power, display of DPF, harmonic analysis on the apparent power, etc.
  • The HARMONIC ANALYZER(optional) can display the first 32 orders for signals with a fundamental frequency between 40 and 450 Hz.
  • The 2-channel DIGITAL RECORDER (optional) allows acquisition intervals of 500µs between 2 measurements, for records that can extend over 1 month, based on the monitoring of tolerance thresholds in particular.
  • 2-hour fast charging; battery life up to 8 hours
  • The patented PROBIX plug-and-play system of accessories ensures rapid implementation of the instrument, with no risk of error. The sensor coefficients, scales, and units and the configurations of the channels are managed automatically; the probes and adapters are recognized as soon as they are connected .

    Multi-interface communication: RS232/USB and the Ethernet interface with ScopeNetweb server make it possible to take control of the instrument remotely, and to transfer curves and screen shots without additional software.
  • Whatever your internet browser, you can dialogue with SCOPIX via its built-in ScopeNet web server
  • A ScopeNetANDROID application is available from Google Store.

    Full information, photos and documentation available at

  • Support

    Software available for this product :

    SX-METRO v5.5 software

    SX-METRO v5.5 software

    Designed for Metrix digital oscilloscopes, SX-METRO can be used to:

    • acquire, record and process the curves from the oscilloscope;
    • import screenshots;
    • save or restore configurations ;
    • view the curves in real time;
    • communicate with the oscilloscope via an RS232 serial link or TCP/IP network;
    • transfer the data into Excel or into a texte file;
    • perform mathematical processing such as FFT of the signal viewed (windowing, enlargement of the result, Y scale of the FFT in Volt or dB, measurements by markers).


    - OX5022, OX5042,
    - MTX162, MTX1052, MTX1054,
    - MTX3252, MTX3352,
    - MTX3354,
    - OX7042, OX7062, OX7102, OX7104, OX7202, OX7204,
    - OX6062, OX6152, OX6202, 
    - OX2000, OX5100,
    - OX8100, OX8050, OX8040, OX8062, OX8042,
    - OX8620, OX8627, OX8020, OX8027, OX8032, OX8022.
    - OXI6204 

    Version in 5 languages: English, German, Spanish, French and Italian. 

    sxmetro_v5.5.rar Updated : 30/11/2015 Language : Multilingual Version : v5.5

    LabView LabWindows/CVI drivers for OX7000 Series

    LabView LabWindows/CVI drivers for OX7000 Series

    Instrument drivers for LabView and LabWindows/CVI. The names of the drivers for LabView begin with the characters "LV_", while the drivers for LabWindows/CVI begin with the characters "CVI_".

    Driver for OX7042/OX7062/OX7102/OX7104/OX7202/OX7204 oscilloscopes

    lv_ox7000.zip Date de mise à jour : 21/07/2005 Langue : Anglais Version : V1.0
    cvi_ox7000.zip Date de mise à jour : 21/07/2005 Langue : Anglais Version : V1.0

    METRIX Oscilloscope firmware

    METRIX Oscilloscope firmware

    Firmware upgrade for the following oscilloscopes:

    - SCOPIX I : OX7042, OX7062, OX7102, OX7104 v1.0x --> v2.23,
    - SCOPIX II : OX7042, OX7062, OX7102, OX7104 v3.0x --> v3.23,
    - SCOPIX II : OX7202, OX7204 v4.0x --> v4.23,
    - SCOPIX III : v4.xx --> v4.23,
    - SCOPIX BUS : v5.xx --> v5.23,
    - OX6000 : OX6062, OX6152, OX6202 v1.x --> v1.09,
    - OX6000 II : OX6062, OX6202 v2.x --> v2.23,
    - HandScope : OX5022, OX5042 v1.x --> v1.02.

     Please follow the recommendations in the Instructions.pdf file.

    IT: Vi raccomandiamo la lettura del documento Instructions.pdf.

    To upgrade your oscilloscope, you need to download the LoaderScope software. 


    loaderscope_v2.8.exe Update: 26/06/2015 Language : Multilingue Version : V2.8