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Large LCD for multi-parameter display on 70x52 mm screen.

A simple basic multimeter with surveillance of the main functions: Min, Max, Avg and Peak+/- . Digital keyboard with lighting.

Optimized ergonomics: IP67 leakproof casing, IEC61010 600V CAT III/300V CAT IV safety measurement terminals, power supply by normal battery or Ni-MH rechargeable battery (external charger) and contextual reminder of connections on screen.


ASYC IV MTX 3290 - The reference for multimeters

These portable multimeters with digital display allowing direct measurement of the main electrical quantities benefit from an innovative design making them compact, rugged, leakproof and comfortable to grip.

Simple multimeters
• Easy-to-read 70x52 mm LCD screen
• Contextual reminder of connection on the screen
• Current autoranging, single terminal up to 10 A
• Secondary measurements in addition to the main measurement to facilitate analysis
• Surveillance of the MIN/MAX and AVG data with relative time/date-stamping and of voltage and current peaks

And much more...
• IP67 protection against water projection and dust,ideal for outdoor conditions
• Powered by 4 standard AA batteries or 4 Ni-MH batteries rechargeable with an HX0051B external module (option)
• Operation for up to 400 hrs on batteries




MTX3290 6Kcts TRMS DMM 20KHZ MTX3290 Add to my selection
See accessories
HX0053 - MTX328x battery charger MTX328x battery charger HX0053 Add to my selection
HX0064 - CMS Clamp Banana Lead CMS Clamp Banana Lead HX0064 Add to my selection
HX0091 - Banana-PT100 Adapter Banana-PT100 Adapter HX0091 Add to my selection
P01102097 - 40KV CAT1 probe for DMM 40KV CAT1 probe for DMM P01102097 Add to my selection
P01102100Z - MULTI.FIX adapter for DMM MULTI.FIX adapter for DMM P01102100Z Add to my selection
P01105102Z - MINI 02 Clamp 1000/1 MINI 02 Clamp 1000/1 P01105102Z Add to my selection
P01105105Z - MINI 05 Clamp CV 10-100/10-0.1 MINI 05 Clamp CV 10-100/10-0.1 P01105105Z Add to my selection
P01120040A - E6N clamp CVH 1-100/1 E6N clamp CVH 1-100/1 P01120040A Add to my selection
P01120068 - PAC 11 CVH Clamp 1000/1 PAC 11 CVH Clamp 1000/1 P01120068 Add to my selection
P01120069 - PAC 21 CVH Clamp 1000/1 PAC 21 CVH Clamp 1000/1 P01120069 Add to my selection
P01120071 - PAC 20 CVH Clamp 1000/1 PAC 20 CVH Clamp 1000/1 P01120071 Add to my selection
P01120074A - K2 Clamp BV1/10 K2 Clamp BV1/10 P01120074A Add to my selection
P01120304 - C106 Clamp DV 1000/1 C106 Clamp DV 1000/1 P01120304 Add to my selection
P01120305 - C107 Clamp CV 1000/1 C107 Clamp CV 1000/1 P01120305 Add to my selection
P01120401 - MN08 Clamp DA 200/0.2 MN08 Clamp DA 200/0.2 P01120401 Add to my selection
P01120402 - MN09 Clamp CA 200/0.2 MN09 Clamp CA 200/0.2 P01120402 Add to my selection
P01120415 - MN89 Miniclamp CV 200/20 MN89 Miniclamp CV 200/20 P01120415 Add to my selection
P01120420 - MN71 Clamp CV 10/1 MN71 Clamp CV 10/1 P01120420 Add to my selection
P01120421 - MN73 Clamp CV 2-200/2 MN73 Clamp CV 2-200/2 P01120421 Add to my selection
P01103058Z - Magnetized voltage probes Diam. 6.6-CF4 Magnetized voltage probes Diam. 6.6-CF4 P01103058Z Add to my selection
P01120630 - AmpFlex® A110-45 AmpFlex® A110-45 P01120630 Add to my selection
P01120660 - MiniFlex® MA110-170 MiniFlex® MA110-170 P01120660 Add to my selection
P01120661 - MiniFlex® MA110-250 MiniFlex® MA110-250 P01120661 Add to my selection